Wedding & Bridal Showers

A bridal shower is a great way for a busy bride to relax with friends and family. Gize Image are here for capturing your bridal shower best memories and photographs. Bridal Showers can be a delightful treat. We offer a professional photography services during your bridal shower event and wedding photography ceremony. During a bridal shower our photographer captures most beautiful moments with friends and family. We believe that bridal shower event is all about a bride, special décor, gifts, bridesmaids, most cherished friends and family members. Our photographer makes sure to capture bridal shower event special moments. We make sure that every detail reflects a bride and an bridal shower event. That is why we suggest you to hire a professional photographer for your bridal shower event.

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Birthday photography

Book the best event photography services in Addis Ababa, GizeImage specializes in all types of photography services especially photography for birthday parties of any age. We love birthdays too and we feel that birthdays are where your close family and friends come together to celebrate your big day.

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Modeling Photography

Whether you’re looking to make your mark on the modelling industry or seeking an inclusive and supportive photographer, Gize image offers all the tools and guidance you need to put your best face forward.
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Baby Shower Photography

This is the story which matters the most: real mothers, real stories, real flashes. Memories are volatile and can fade away. Capturing moments in photographs relives those memories, especially when they are of your precious moments like your marriage, maternity phase, the birth of your baby and their little achievements as an infant. Gize Image Baby shower photoshoot helps you in capturing those moments that you can cherish all your life through our expert photographers from the time you get married to the first smile of your newborn baby.

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Photography is the art of making memories tangible.

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